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How long should a window cleaner take?

How long should a window cleaner take?

How Long Should a Window Cleaner Take?

How long should a window cleaner take?
How long should a window cleaner take?

Factors Affecting the Time Window Cleaners Spend on a Job

1. Window Size and Quantity

When it comes to determining how long it should take a window cleaner to finish a job, the size and number of windows play a vital influence in the estimation process. It is only logical that the comprehensive cleaning of a property’s windows will take longer if those windows are larger or if there are more of them. It is essential to take into consideration not only the height and width of the windows but also any obstructions that can make the cleaning procedure more difficult, such as grilles or decorative features.

2. Window Condition

Another essential aspect that plays a role in determining the amount of time necessary to clean windows is their current state. It is possible that less time will be needed to obtain a pristine finish on the windows if they are maintained and cleaned on a regular basis. In contrast, if it has been a while since the windows were last cleaned or if they have tenacious stains, filth, or grime built up on them, the window cleaner may need to spend more time on the job and utilise more specialised cleaning techniques or cleaning products in order to get good results.

3. Access Difficulty

The amount of time window cleaners spend on a task is also impacted by how easily the windows can be accessed. The process of washing the windows will often be completed more quickly if they are situated on the ground floor and are not difficult to access. If, on the other hand, the windows are located on upper floors or in difficult-to-reach spots, such as small alleyways or tight corners, the window cleaner may need additional time to set up equipment such as ladders, scaffolding, or even high-rise window cleaning tools. This is because it is more difficult to access these locations.

4. Cleaning Technique

It’s possible that different window cleaners will use different cleaning methods, which can result in varying amounts of time spent on a single task. Cleaning windows the traditional way, using a squeegee and washing them by hand, may be a time-consuming process, particularly when the windows in question are large or many. On the other hand, using more contemporary methods like water-fed pole systems or reach-and-wash systems can drastically cut down the amount of time needed to complete the task. These systems use filtered water that removes streaks from windows and eliminates the need to manually dry them, which cuts down on the amount of time required for the total cleaning process.

5. Additional Services

Jobs that entail washing windows typically require extra services in addition to the fundamental window cleaning, such as cleaning the window frames, tracks, or screens. The total amount of time necessary to finish the assignment may increase as a result of these new duties. To properly clean these additional elements will take a certain amount of time, the amount of which will be determined by the nature and complexity of those elements.

Recommended Timeframes for Window Cleaning

Even though the amount of time needed to clean windows can change depending on the reasons discussed above, it is still helpful to have a basic guideline to follow when predicting the amount of time needed to complete a window cleaning task. Here are some recommended timeframes:

1. Residential Properties

A professional window cleaner should strive to do the task within one to three hours when they are cleaning the windows of a residential property of normal size and with an average number of windows. Within this time limit, a comprehensive cleaning can be performed on the inside and exterior surfaces, as well as the frames and tracks, if that is something that is requested.

2. Commercial Buildings

Windows in commercial buildings typically have a bigger surface area and are designed in more intricate patterns. The length of time necessary to clean these windows is going to be proportional to their size, quantity, and ease of access. A professional window cleaner should anticipate spending between four and eight hours on a medium-sized commercial building, and this estimation does not take into account the amount of time necessary for any other services that may be required.

3. High-Rise Buildings

Because of their height and the difficulty of their entry points, high-rise structures provide their own set of unique obstacles. When washing the windows of such structures, it is often necessary to make use of specialised equipment and cleaning methods. When it comes to cleaning the windows of high-rise buildings, the amount of time needed might vary greatly depending on the height of the building, the number of windows, and the severity of soiling. When you consider the extensive precautions taken for safety and the intricacy of the cleaning processes involved, you can expect the task to be completed by a team of expert window cleaners to take anything from several days to many weeks.


The amount of time it should take a window cleaner to finish a task is contingent on a number of elements, including the size and quantity of windows, the state of the windows, the level of difficulty in gaining access, the cleaning method, and the number of additional services that are required. Although it can be difficult to provide a precise timetable for every scenario, having a general awareness of these aspects can assist both window cleaners and customers in setting expectations that are more in line with reality.

It is essential to keep in mind that in order to accomplish a comprehensive and professional job cleaning windows, time is required. When the procedure is rushed, the quality of the final output can suffer, and there is a possibility that safety could be compromised. Window washers ought to give top priority to guaranteeing a pristine finish while simultaneously safeguarding both their personal safety and the safety of the property.

window cleaning take

To acquire a more accurate time estimate when hiring a window cleaner, it is recommended to have a conversation about the particulars of the task, which should include all of the criteria that have been outlined above. In a reasonable amount of time, professional window cleaners who have knowledge and competence will provide an exact assessment and deliver high-quality solutions.

In a nutshell, the amount of time necessary to complete a window cleaning operation is very variable and dependent on a number of different factors. Both parties are able to establish expectations that are reasonable and attain clean and shining windows that enhance the beauty and functioning of any home by recognising these elements and participating in open dialogue with window cleaning services.

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